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Chief Administrative Officer

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Laura serves as Chief Administrative Officer of StrongCore Group LLC. She is responsible for providing administrative support to the organization overseeing the areas of HR, accounting and finance, marketing, and IT.  


Laura has worked for many Fortune 500 corporations in the areas of corporate communications, marketing, strategic planning, professional development, procurement, HRIS, and Quality Management.  She founded a consulting business specializing in data analysis and DB development. Her client base included international banks, cruise lines, telecommunication entities, payroll service providers, credit card companies, and construction firms.  


In 2018, Laura formed Falcon 6 Infrastructure Group. A Woman- and Minority-Owned small business, Falcon 6 operated in the federal construction market and was acquired by StrongCore Group in January of 2019.


As a woman-executive who emigrated to the United States when she was 18, Laura holds immense gratitude for the opportunity to live, work and succeed in this great country.


Laura’s work in numerous Miami Charitable organizations earned her many awards for philanthropy and community involvement. Along with her family, she believes that sharing her blessings is a way to give thanks for God’s grace.  


In addition to her success in business, she is most successful at home.  Along with the husband, they are the proud parents of six children who are their grandest treasures. 

Laura Munilla, Chief Administrative Offi
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