At MCM, safety is a priority in everything we do.   Recent tragic events have reinforced the fact that everyone must follow their gut when it comes to safety.  Now at MCM, anyone who believes they are witnessing an unsafe condition is urged to report the issue to the company president if the situation is not immediately addressed to their satisfaction.   We will not take anything for granted, and we will ensure that each member our team and everyone involved in our projects adheres to the highest standards of safe practices and leaves in the same or better condition than they arrived.  

Furthermore, MCM projects are staffed with a qualified team of OSHA-certified construction professionals committed to our Safety First! Program.

Our Safety First! award-winning program is enhanced to be proactive and the spotlight needed to ensure everything we do is accomplished to the highest safety standards.

Our site-specific safety programs for the individual projects address hazards / prevention methods, and they involve all levels of the company’s employees.  Our safety program is a product of proper communication, recognition, teamwork and training. 

For more specific information, or questions regarding our safety program, please contact Elliot Press (, Chief of Operations, who will get you in touch with the appropriate MCM safety professional to address your needs.