Quality Management System ISO 9001:2008


Commitment to quality is highlighted by our ISO 9001:2008 certification, the internationally recognized standard of excellence for managing and delivering quality management services.  MCM believes quality is the main ingredient for long-term success and is defined by meeting the Client’s expectations, schedule and budget requirements.  Every Time, Every Project!

MCM strongly believes that QA/QC not only benefits the client by facilitating efficient construction, but is also beneficial to everyone involved in the project. The implementation of an outstanding QA/QC Plan leads to fewer mistakes and ensures that work is performed correctly the first time. These measures translate to economies in terms of resources and costs. They also allow for increased productivity and raised jobsite morale.

In order to maintain and improve a reputation for quality, MCM’s quality control program emphasizes training, including the Construction Quality Management (CQM) certifications, and provides each project team with the standards and tools to measure and monitor quality throughout the entire construction process. The purpose behind the quality control program is to ensure the project is designed and built in accordance with the contractual requirements, applicable building codes, accepted industry standards, and within budget and on schedule.