Education - Chorrera K-8 Educational Facility

MEDUCA Ministry of Education
Design team: 
FEMUR Architects
Delivery method: 
La Chorrera, Panama

Chorrera K-8 School is a new design build project in a remote area on the outskirts of Panama City. The project is on a hilly site and adjacent to a technical high school. The school is a 7,800 SF facility including pre- K through 8th grade facilities, administration building, kitchen and indoor and outdoor dining facilities, parking and support areas.
The design was done to maximize site area and allow for future expansion of buildings as well as future location of athletic fields. The project allows for a secure facility with large classrooms and compact double loaded corridors for the classroom wings. Large expanse of windows and friendly open balconies and stairs provide for comfortable circulation and visual connections. A central plaza for celebration of activities as well as morning salute to the flag brings together all the buildings. Site access is from one small street and provides vehicular and pedestrian access to the school.