Aviation - Miami International Airport North Terminal Development Program - Package 19-22

  • Aviation — Miami International Airport NTD
  • Aviation — Miami International Airport NTD
  • Aviation — Miami International Airport NTD
  • Aviation — Miami International Airport NTD
  • Aviation — Miami International Airport NTD
  • Aviation — Miami International Airport NTD
Miami Dade Aviation Department
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Lump Sum, Hard Bid
As part of the North Terminal Development Program at MIA, MCM completed a wide range of airport improvements in Concourses B, C & D as the Prime Contractor under Trade contract packages 19-22. The work under these packages included but was not limited to: selective demolition, steel structures, concrete & masonry work, including elevated concrete decks with pre-¬stressed precast concrete joists; new roofing, stucco, paint and other finishes; auger cast piles and pile caps and new mechanical penthouse, stair tower and elevator shaft. As a key member of the commissioning team, MCM performed enabling work necessary to bring on-line and operate 35 new gates (Gates D20 - D60). Nearly all of the work related to these improvements was completed in secure, back-of-house areas. Much of this back-of-house work was accessed through the Aircraft Operations Area (AOA), and owing to MCM’s comprehensive coordination, occurred without any interruptions to ongoing airport operations. 
A key component included in these contract packages was the construction of a highly-specialized Explosive Trace Detector Building on the Ramp level, adjacent to Concourse B. This building was constructed in order to support more than 1.9 miles of baggage handling system conveyors, designed to process approximately 40,000 bags/ day, and ultimately serves as a checkpoint through which all cargo is screened for Improvised Explosive Devices (IED’s). Enabling work performed by MCM for the baggage handling system included: 
  • Motor control pads 
  • Steel bollards 
  • All other structural interface 
  • Coordination between the TSA, CBP, FAA and MIA Airside Ops to ensure timely construction and commissioning 
In addition, MCM delivered comprehensive finishes for six (6) Miami-Dade Aviation Department projects under Package 22 in concourses B & C. The scope of work included: selective demolition, water intrusion mitigation, fire protection, selective exterior finishes, and top-to-bottom interior finishes. All of these projects made up a part of the North Terminal Development program at Miami International Airport, which had a $6.4B budget - the largest single investment in U.S. aviation history.


"MCM has been a key player on the success of the North Terminal Consolidation Program. They have demonstrated to be a professional, experienced, responsive and high quality construction management organization." Rodrigo Ariza, Sr. Project Manager, Parsons-Odebrecht.