Under new ownership, MCM is poised to make comeback

By Community News Releases

StrongCore Ownership - (left to right) Pedro M. Munilla, Laura Munilla, Daniel Munilla, Elliot Press and Alejandro Munilla

After 37 years of success in the challenging construction market, a reorganized MCM has emerged from the aftermath of the tragic FIU bridge collapse which an extensive federal investigation concluded was caused by design errors, not construction defects. These findings were highlighted in the NTSB’s Digest released on Feb. 2.

Now, the new owners of the Miami-based company are poised to ensure MCM continues building excellence throughout the communities.

Heritage of service

Drawing on their father’s tradition dating back to the 1940s of hard work, faith, and commitment to community, the Munilla family’s second generation founded MCM in 1983. Over the next four decades, MCM grew to become one of South Florida’s leading construction companies employing more than 800 individuals and families. Throughout its growth, MCM prided itself in giving back to the community which afforded it the American Dream.

Overcoming a tragedy

The company faced its most serious challenge in 2018, when a pedestrian bridge at Florida International University (FIU) collapsed from a catastrophic design failure resulting in six deaths and 10 injuries. After an extensive 18-month investigation, the National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) concluded the bridge collapsed due to calculation errors by the bridge’s designer, Figg Engineers and inadequate peer review performed by Louis Berger. The report found that MCM’s construction work met or exceeded the specifications established in the design.


The immediate aftermath of the bridge collapse took its toll on MCM and led to its reorganization. The previous owners spearheaded the arduous effort to achieve a settlement of over $100 million for the victims and their families.

“We know that there is no amount of money that will make things right, but we hope the families impacted by the tragic accident know that our prayers still continue for everyone’s peace and healing,” said Daniel Munilla, MCM’s new president, who helped guide MCM through the court-ordered reorganization.

Completing major projects

The road forward may be challenging, but the new leadership is ready for the undertaking.

“Serious hardship tests true character, and our personnel continue rising to the challenge,” said Elliot Press, MCM’s new chief of operations.

In the past year, MCM has continued to fulfill its commitments by substantially completing all projects totaling nearly $300 million to include the A1A Bridge Rehabilitation, Homestead Turnpike Extension, Grove Bay Parking Garage, Terminal 4 at Ft Lauderdale Airport, several projects at Miami International Airport, and a K-12 School at Naval Station Guantanamo Bay.

Rebuilding the brand

Along with serving its clients, MCM has focused on retaining its most important resource — a rich pool of experienced construction professionals.

“We treat everyone here like family, and our employees are proud to work here. We never lose sight that our success depends on our people,” said Laura Munilla, chief administrative officer.

The company maintains that while its No. 1 priority is safety in all they do, the leadership is investing in new technology and operational procedures to ensure their personnel have the tools needed to succeed.  

Today, MCM is owned by StrongCore Group LLC, whose principals are Elliot Press, Daniel Munilla, Pedro M. Munilla, Alejandro Munilla and Laura Munilla.

“Under StrongCore, MCM has been able to bring in new work while maintaining MCM’s key employees, experience, and talent,” Daniel Munilla said. “As a construction manager, we have also helped dozens of small businesses during these very difficult times. MCM began as a small business, and we cannot forget where we came from. As a company, our wish for the future is to have an opportunity to succeed once again by doing what we do best — building excellence.”

For more information send email to info@mcm-us.com or visit the website at www.mcm-us.com.