Feb 5th, 2016 - Congratulations to the Site 1 team for bringing in the first USACE project! This Site 1 Impoundment project was located in Southern Palm Beach County adjacent to the Loxahatchee National Wildlife Refuge and consisted of modifications to approximately 15,000 LF of the existing L-40 Canal levee. Construction activities included miscellaneous demolition, installation of a temporary access bridge, approximately 740 acres of clearing and grubbing, 15,000 LF of temporary sheet pile cofferdam construction, dewatering operations to maintain water elevations 2’ below all work areas, borrow and disposal area operations, 450,000 CY of excavation, 275,000 CY of embankment, 60,0000 CY of soil cement armoring, 30 acres of turf reinforcement mat installation, 9.75 acres of articulated concrete block mat installation, instrumentation, aquatic planting, sodding and construction of a 6-acre wildlife wetland area.
MCM’s aggressive schedule was met with the use of innovate techniques at the Site 1 Impoundment project. MCM’s sheet pile operation was required to be performed on a floating barge, and included the use of a modified excavator with a vibratory hammer which accelerated the critical path of the schedule by over 25%. MCM also encountered and overcame differing site conditions by applying innovative methods to its sheetpile operations and design, including the driving and removing of sheet pile by installing stitched “teeth” and jetting operations. Revised designs were approved in order to mitigate impacts to time and cost. MCM’s Soil Cement operation was enhanced with the specific articulated dump trucks and dozers chosen, along with the steel formwork that facilitated quick re-use and its pour lengths were optimized based upon the maximum output of the batch plant. Different excavator buckets were procured and modified in order to increase the amount of drainage gravel placed on 4:1 steep slopes, and machine control was used project wide in order to accurately place material and accelerate production. Congratulations again to the Team, and let's work hard on building our second project with the USACE: C-111.