The New Homestead City Hall Reaches a Construction Milestone

The Homestead City Hall Topping-Off Ceremony took place at the new building’s construction site on February 4. The community event was held to celebrate a construction milestone—the completion of the building’s structure.

Several MCM representatives were in attendance, including Alexis Leal, Joe Fernandez, and Eddie Martinez, as well as the Homestead City Hall project team of Mike Roblin (PM), Sergio Tapia (Superintendent), Michael Verwey (PE), Davion Mori (PE), John Jackson (Structural Foreman) and Jason Goltzman (Safety). Also in attendance were two architects from Rodriguez & Quiroga, Raul Rodriguez and Ivan Bibas. Mayor Jeff Porter, Vice Mayor Steven Shelley and council members Patricia Fairclough and Judy Waldman represented the City of Homestead.

During the ceremony, Gabriel Garcia from the University of South Florida’s Safety Consultation Program presented the Sunshine State Safety Award to MCM. The award is issued to only 40 projects within the state each year. It commends Florida's employers and employees in all industries who proactively and routinely engage in job safety.

The ceremony day was festive, with a luncheon dedicated to the employees, and a presentation celebrating the hard work and attention to safety observed by the site crew and managers throughout the course of this project.

To date, MCM is approximately two months ahead of schedule, with no lost time accidents.

All of the speakers congratulated MCM, especially with regard to our commitment to employ as many Homestead citizens as possible during the course of this construction. We will also be offering an MCM internship for a Management Student at Miami Dade College’s Homestead Campus.

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