MCM Hosts Inaugural Road and Bridge Safety Consortium

Safety is paramount at MCM, and as part of our proactive commitment to accident prevention and maintaining safe work environments for all employees, MCM held our inaugural Road and Bridge Safety Consortium on May 27.

Our own MCM Safety Manager Michael Kleinpeter spearheaded the event.

Guests included representatives from companies such as Webber, AGL, Austin Bridge and Road, Archer Western and Abatix. Although competitors operationally, we all came together to learn from one another, as we all share a common goal to protect our employees.

At MCM, we believe that safety should not be proprietary, unless it’s a patent on a piece of equipment. That’s why we elected to pool our industry resources and work together for the benefit of our employees and our companies. As safety professionals, our focus is always to prevent injuries and fatalities.

The informative discussion was centered on how we can ensure safety for our workers and further our mutual goals: to continuously seek ways to improve our safety management systems and programs; to increase safety for our employees and to reduce risk to our companies. 

The symposium was so successful that attendees agreed to continue to get together on a regular basis to share ideas, discuss trends and offer feedback on their successful safety initiatives.

MCM’s Road and Bridge Safety Symposium was just one more demonstration of our ongoing dedication to the safety of our workers and to other industry professionals working in our local community.

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