It’s Showtime! Kicking Off the Historic Seminole Theatre Renovation

Residents of Homestead are looking forward to a grand reopening of the iconic Seminole Theatre, located in the city’s historic downtown. On May 11, the city held a renovation kick-off, signaling that the restoration is one step closer to being finished.

Event attendees included Mayor Jeff Porter, Vice-Mayor Stephen R. Shelley, Councilwoman Judy Waldman and Councilman Elvis R. Maldonado, Director of Seminole Theatre Dr. Linda Fagan and Homestead City Manager George Gretas. MCM representatives included Senior Project Manager Juan Campos, General Superintendent Wayne Smith and Superintendent John Jackson.

The historic theatre, originally opened as a silent movie house in the 1920s, was previously restored after a fire in 1940, and has been sitting idle since suffering significant damage from Hurricane Andrew in 1992. The City of Homestead now owns the property and has enlisted MCM to complete the renovation project.

“It’s just wonderful for me to just sit and watch and hear and see all these people energized to get this done,” said 94-year-old Ruth Campbell, the first councilwoman to be elected in Homestead, who remembers visiting the theater with her husband and watching, Gone with the Wind (1939).

During the kick-off, many warm thanks were given to the voters and council for pushing this project through and for giving the arts a priority in the rebuilding and restoration of the City of Homestead.

MCM was also acknowledged for our consistent commitment to Homestead, for planting deep roots in the community and for repeatedly delivering well-executed buildings and timely service.

The restored theater is expected to open to the public later this year.

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