MCM is a construction company founded in Miami, FL in 1983. It specializes in Heavy Civil and Building Construction. Experience highlights include Transportation, Airport Infrastructure, Roads and Bridges, Government Buildings, Schools and High Education, Healthcare Facilities and Commercial infrastructure.  The firm operates in Miami, FL, Irving, TX and Panama.

MCM is a family owned business and its history dates back to 1941. For nearly two decades, from 1941 to 1960, Fernando Munilla, Sr., father of the Munilla brothers, was one of Cuba’s premier builders and a pioneer in construction methodology. His enterprises included an engineering firm, three of the largest concrete plants, and a construction management company that built a good portion of the nation’s pre-cast and pre-stressed construction projects.

“Dad demanded quality in everything,” says Jorge Munilla, president of MCM. “He insisted on quality, and that earned him a reputation for excellence.  As a result, his firm was selected to design and build some of the most important and historically significant construction projects in Cuba.”

Mr. Munilla’s company specialized in bridge building and heavy structural work. He spearheaded many major projects including the José Martí Monument in Havana (still Cuba’s tallest monument) and the Cuyaguateje River Bridge, which was the largest free span bridge in the Western Hemisphere when it was built in 1954. Mr. Munilla also expanded and reinforced the Malecon, Havana’s famous seawall. Then, in 1960, Fidel Castro confiscated the firm and the Munilla family was separated.

Four of his sons, Fernando Jr., Luis, Pedro and Raul, were brought to the U.S. through the Pedro Pan airlift operation days before the Bay of Pigs invasion. They were placed in an orphanage in Ohio. The two youngest, Jorge and Juan, stayed behind with their Mother, Maria Munilla, until safe passage could be arranged. Mr. Munilla stayed, fighting for his country’s freedom, leading covert operations along with the CIA.

He was arrested 3 times and finally managed to escape the island just ahead of Castro’s henchmen. Mr. Munilla arrived in America with a change of clothes, his credentials, and a fierce determination to reunite his family. He succeeded within a year, first moving to the Northeast, and then finally settling in Miami where he resumed his career.